Carpet Cleaning

If its in your home or in your business you need to have Payton’s Cleaning there to help. 

– There’s nothing worse than having family over for the holidays, a birthday or graduation, or another joyful get-together—only to show off a large, dark spot in the center of your living room carpet. And what’s worse—there may be multiple spots marring the beauty of that newly laid shag pile, and there are only so many tables and throw rugs to help cover them up!

Expert Carpet Cleaning Services in Lafayette, IN –

Payton’s Cleaning Services provides expert residential and commercial carpet cleaning services for the greater Lafayette area. We’ll take care of what may potentially be a DIY nightmare. By the time you’ve rented a machine, driven to and from the store, dragged the rented device all over your floor, threw your hands in the air in frustration, and inevitably called us to fix the newest version of your problem—you could have saved precious time and money with a quick call to Payton’s Cleaning Services in Lafayette, IN.

Our years of experience with commercial and residential carpet cleaning in Lafayette, IN have given us the ability to clean spots that “the other guys” merely make wet. It takes more than a bucket of water and a fancy-looking machine to make those nasty spots go away.

Inspections & Quotes

We can do a quick, yet thorough inspection of anywhere you need cleaned and let you know what it will take to get the job done. Also, you don’t have to be cursed with a huge smudge or trail of tracked-in spots to get your carpet cleaned. Many people are surprised by the night-and-day difference when they decide to get their carpet cleaned as a general home maintenance project. It is always a good idea to maintain your carpets at least once a year to protect your family from allergens. 

Trust the name that stops the spots: Payton’s Cleaning Services!